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Anti-Dump Mechanism

DeFi projects are known for their tendency of being subject to sharp rises and crashes, where traders take advantage of long-term investors' liquidity.
Afterburner offers a safe environment against market volatility and crashes, accumulating your investment safely.
The Anti-Dump Mechanism, which allows only 1-5% of your balance to daily cash out, prevents sudden crashes from happening. The selling allowance is determined based on the recent buy and sell pressure of the token.
Current cash-out limit per wallet is set to: 3.00% of the respective wallet's $ARB holdings / daily.
Wallet-to-wallet transfers are taxed by 11% to prevent bypassing the ADM system.
  • There is a 3% cash-out limit per day of your total tokens.
  • The anti-whale mechanism works based on the current metrics of the chart to determine the daily withdrawal limit.
  • ADM allows the parabolic growth of our chart.
  • Ultimately this maximizes your return on investment in the long term.