Multisig Wallet

Afterburner contracts is protected with a gnosis secure multi-sig implementation. Afterburner Finance gnosis safe address will keep all accumulated treasury funds. For example, Afterburner gets a profit from every sell and buy transaction and LP transactions by contract design.

Below is the AFTERBURNER Finance gnosis safe, where the latest version represents the currently active address.

  • Multi-signature Gnosis Safe

Safe Signers

  • Dev 1: 0x8C3fE44033a8661b496b908Ff8D8B3C52EF68884

  • Dev 2: 0xD9a2ECdF77279b98CA2636973CA14feD3528cbc0

  • Dev 3: 0xaea66e289d15dA801d9b8190E2232d387E17a647


The Multi-sig contract is protected by a 2-out-of-3 multi-sig policy. Requiring a transaction to make changes must be approved by at least 2 stakeholders out of the total 3 stakeholders within the multi-sig policy.

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